Business of the Week: Coca-Cola Bottling Company-High Country



Founded in 1956 by L.E. “Mike” Messinger (1st generation) and has remained family owned for 60 years (currently in the 3rd generation). Coca-Cola Bottling Company High Country is a family owned, regional Coca-Cola Bottler serving portions of Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. The company distributes hundreds of different varieties of sparkling soft drinks and a vast array of still beverages including sports drinks, bottled waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, energy drinks and coffee.

We believe what sets us apart is our great employees, our great brands and our highest principle: Honor God in All That We Do

Our mission is to create long term value for our shareowners, employees, customers and communities by providing beverage refreshment to consumers in partnership with our retail customers.


Business of the Week: Johnson Electric & Phone

Photo credit: Milo Daily, Butte County PostJohnson Electric & Phone is the Chamber’s Business of the Week. Owner Charlie Johnson was born and raised in Belle Fourche, and trained as an electrician under Charlie Bruggmon and Harry Chapman. In 1986, Johnson put out his shingle for Johnson Electric and has been in business ever since. Johnson stated that his business is set apart for being friendly and prompt, and takes pride in the quality of service it provides customers.

Photo credit: Milo Daily, Butte County Post

Photo credit: Milo Daily, Butte County Post


Business of the Week: The Olive Branch


Aspen Hanson

Aspen Hanson

The Olive Branch has 7 owners: Debra McCart, The Olive Branch; LaRae Hanson, Express Yourself; Aspen Hanson, Country Roots; Nina Finkbeiner, Nina’s; Heidi Woelber, Calamity Jane’s; Jan Stansberry, Intentional Knots; George Wilson, Cowboys Too

How did The Olive Branch get started?

The Olive Branch was started as an idea that we (a group of owners) could do collectively what each of us individually would have found difficult.  We each work one day weekly, which allows owners to be involved in other activities.

What sets The Olive Branch apart?

The Olive Branch is unique in their ability to offer something for everyone—men, women & children.  They have unique gift ideas and merchandise you cannot fine anywhere else—one of a kind.

What is The Olive Branch’s mission?

The Olive Branch strives to be a blessing to the community and wants all their customers to feel blessed as well.


Business of the Week: Black Hills Laundry & Dry Cleaning

kathy harvey plant manager, patti blake, lead presser, and laci ginsbach, presser

kathy harvey plant manager, patti blake, lead presser, and laci ginsbach, presser

Owners: Cathy and Clark Sowers


After selling Sowers Sanitation, Sowers thought Belle Fourche could support a dry cleaning business since the town already had two drop stores for dry cleaning businesses in Spearfish.  Black Hills Laundry & Dry Cleaning was one of only four dry cleaning businesses in the Northern Black Hills at the time.  As of 2016 it is the only dry cleaning business in the Northern Hills.

When asked what sets his business apart, Sowers described it as having “an emphasis on quality and dependability, with great employees that live this as well.”

Black Hills Laundry & Dry Cleaning currently employs ten people at the dry cleaning plant and laundromat in Belle Fourche, and nine others at the Spearfish and Sturgis locations.

Sowers stated that his goal for Black Hills Laundry & Dry Cleaning in the community is to “own and operate a store whose primary concern is the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.” And that, “It is imperative for the owners, managers and employees to commit to these goals. The foundation of which will be to provide honest and reliable service and work for the customer, to the employee and the employer.

“We pledge to be an example of new and aspiring businesses in Belle Fourche, Spearfish, Sturgis and the entire Northern Black Hills.”


Business of the Week: Reich Precision


Mark Reich

Mark Reich

After over 20 years in the construction business, Mark Reich decided to pursue a career where he could not only use his carpentry and construction skills, but also found interesting and fun. He began by learning how to sharpen every kind of blade you can think of, including hunting and kitchen blades and all types of shears. When he decided that just wasn’t enough to hold his interest, he began his journey to learn how to make his own blades.

Mark was able to apprentice under two of the best and most recognized master Blade smiths in the United States, Ed Fowler and Murray Carter. Mark is one of only 13 H.E.P.K (High Endurance Performance Knife) Master blade smiths. H.E.P.K. knives are considered to be the best of the best in performance.

Since becoming a vendor at the Buffalo Chip Campground during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Reich Precision has grown its client base and the products available. There are now some semi-custom knives produced as well as the only official Buffalo Chip Limited Edition knife designed each year.

While Mark has combined the knowledge learned from Ed and Murray, he has created his own process and unique style and works to constantly improve the quality of all of the products he produces. He works with unique and traditional materials like stabilized woods, man-made materials such as Kirinite and C-Tec, stabilized cactus and even mammoth tooth. His uniquely designed “Thinking Man’s Knife” and the Reich3G ™ showcase his ability to take a traditional art, like knife making to the next level.

Reich Precision is dedicated to producing the finest hand forged, Differentially Heat Treated blades possible.


Business of the Week: The Plumber


Mike Lindberg and Jack Gustafson

Mike Lindberg and Jack Gustafson

Owners Mike Lindberg and Jack Gustafson have a combined plumbing experience of nearly 27 years. The two saw a need for locally-based plumbing services in the Belle Fourche community and decided to team up and provide it. The team prides itself on the attitude and promise to customers that “When it absolutely matters, we’ll be there.”

Besides being locally owned and operated, The Plumber sets itself apart from the competition with their guarantee; offering up to ten year workmanship warranties.



Business of the Week: New Heart Fitness


Stacey Neuharth

Owners: Cory & Stacey Neuharth

Cory has a degree in Wellness from BHSU, and Stacey is an ACSM Certified personal trainer

How did NHF get started? While the storefront familiar to downtown opened in November 2014, Stacey actually began training four after-work clients out of her garage with only a few equipment pieces.

What sets New Heart Fitness apart? Stacey is quick to stress that New Heart is not a regular gym, but rather a “training studio with gym benefits.” What this means is each client is met and trained at their individual level, given nutritional guidance, while having access to the gym equipment.

What is NHF’s mission? NHF believes in the positive impact of helping an individual achieve a healthy lifestyle has on that person’s family, and ultimately the community at large.


A Healthy You Makes for a Prosperous Business

Stacey Neuharth- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer New Heart Fitness

Stacey Neuharth, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Owner, New Heart Fitness

From one local business owner to another I want to offer you a gift. I want to see your business prosper through your health. Yes, it’s true, being healthy and fit, along with adopting a few healthy lifestyle changes can really help your business. Think about it, if all you do is sit at your desk for hours, skip meals or grab quick unhealthy food and neglect getting adequate sleep you don’t feel your best, and your business will likely feel the affects of your unhealthy choices.

However, the good news is when business owners make an effort to prioritize nutrition, physical activity and sleep, overall health is improved, brain power is boosted and stress is reduced. Now, think about what that could do for your business! You need to talk care of yourself so you can take care of your business! But if you are not naturally a “Fitness person” where do you start?

My Personal training business, New Heart Fitness, is here to help but if you are self motivated and want to try a lifestyle change on your own here are three getting started tips.


  1. GET MOVING!  
    Start with getting up out of your chair as much as possible. People with a desk job really need to get creative with this. Never sit for longer than an hour! Next, incorporate 20-40 minutes of physical activity two days a week, working up to five days a week. Pick something you will enjoy and that fits your personality, such as walking, racquetball, swimming, hiking, tennis, weight lifting or join a workout class! There are plenty of options in our beautiful little community.
  2. EAT TO LIVE!  
    Think of food as nutrients to fuel your body! This is so simple,,, Junk food is exactly that, JUNK and it makes you feel like junk! Healthy Food is healthy and makes your feel healthy. Start by cutting out one unhealthy food per week and replacing it with a healthy choice. For example, pack a lunch instead of going out for fast food. Cut out soda pop and drink more water, or get your crunch fix with carrots not potato chips. Replace processed foods for whole foods. Be cognizant of your macro-nutrients… in other words, make sure you are getting plenty of protein, some healthy fats and complex carbs! There’s no need to jump on a crazy fad diet bandwagon.  JUST EAT HEALTHY!  Oh, and don’t skip breakfast! Start your day by fueling up your body and brain with a healthy breakfast (preferably protein!)
  3. REST IS GOOD!  
    Too many of us business owners do not take time to rest and get enough sleep!   I am guilty of this but my body will remind me to get more sleep when I start feeling myself getting rundown or sick! Shoot for eight hours of sleep a night. Sometimes that means shutting off all electronics an hour earlier than you normally would and give yourself the potential for more sleep!

These three steps to improving your health are so basic, but yet so overlooked by busy business owners! If you take the time to improve your fitness levels and health you will likely see an increase in productivity, positive attitude, moral, an energy boost, motivation and even less sick days! You and your business deserve you to be at your best! Take care of your health!

If you are struggling and need motivation and accountability please give me call. My business is here to help you be your best!


logoStacey Neuharth- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
New Heart Fitness
Belle Fourche, SD


Welcome To Belle Fourche (W2BF)!

w2bfOur 2016 Campaign focuses on welcoming visitors to Belle Fourche in a way we haven’t done before.  Belle Fourche is the FIRST stop on the way to all the attractions the Black Hills of South Dakota has to offer and the LAST stop on the way back home.  Our goal is to showcase Belle Fourche as THE place to shop, stay and dine that welcomes visitors and offers tremendous value and a unique experience with all the attractions we have not only in town but in the surrounding area.

The QR Code on the postcard links to a page and map on our website, highlighting all the chamber businesses in town that are shopping, lodging or dining related.  The links on each business show your phone, address and website links (if we have them).  Please be sure to confirm we have your place of business listed and that we have the most up-to-date information for you on the site.  You may also visit the page by navigating to http://www.w2bf.com.

We’ve created some lapel buttons and informational post cards that your business can have to wear and handout to customers at your establishment.


November Featured Member – Black Hills Vision Care, Belle Fourche


Black Hills Vision Care is the featured member for November 2015.  Dr. James Trimble, Dr. Heidi Nash, and opticians Steve Jewett and December White head up the fantastic team of eye care specialists that are dedicated to serving the Belle Fourche and surrounding Tri-State area.  In business for 69 years, caring for people and their vision is Job #1 at Black Hills Vision Care.  During that time they have served thousands of patients, offering the best brands in the industry, the highest quality of materials, and the most up-to-date technology for the care and treatment of eye disease and vision problems.  When visiting their office you will see the investment they have made in the offering the latest technology from their pan-retinal scanner (which offers a full view of the back of the eye and full pathology) to the scanning laser used for detecting glaucoma, effects of diabetes and macular degeneration.  Not only do they have the latest equipment, but they make it a priority for their staff to stay on the forefront of continuing education in the latest training and techniques.   And if you should find you have an eye emergency after hours, simply call the office to reach the doctor and/or optician on call.  On a budget?  Don’t forget to ask about their eye wear budget specials.


1830 5th Avenue, Belle Fourche, SD 57717 (map)

Phone: (605) 892-2020